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What Not to Collect and Other Top Collecting Articles of 2018


Jan 22, 2019

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The antiques experts at Kovels.com have compiled the most popular articles from their free weekly publications written during the past year. Here are the top 10 articles that were reader favorites for 2018.


The antiques experts at Kovels.com have compiled the most popular articles written during the past year. By far the most popular were the articles on what to collect or NOT to collect and the thrill of finding/discovering hidden treasures. Articles are from both “Kovels Komments,” Kovels’ weekly eNewsletter, and the “Latest News” section on Kovels.com. Here are the top 10 articles for 2018.

1. 10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore

Collecting is fun, but it is a perilous investment if you choose the wrong collectibles. Read about Hummels, limited editions, Kinkade prints, sports memorabilia, lunch boxes, collectible plates, china sets and more.

2. What Not to Collect – 5 Potentially Dangerous Collectibles

When shopping at antiques stores, flea markets and garage sales, collectors should be aware of the dangers that older items can pose. Some, like old tools and firearms are obvious dangers. But some innocent-looking antiques can be dangerous.

3. What Not to Collect an Update

Kovels has always said for collectors to buy what they like or want to use, not to make money. Whether antiques and collectibles appreciate in value or not is often a matter of luck or changing tastes. Read about 7 collectibles, once bought as good investments that are worth much less today.

4. What to Buy Now – Top 5 Antiques and Collectibles to Look For

Kovels’ readers often ask, “What’s ‘in’ now?” The best of every type of antique or collectible is always in demand. But 5 antiques and collectibles were seeing rising prices and while sleek and “modern” are still in, “brown” has been sneaking back.

5. Top 8 Weird Things that Sold in 2017

Collectors are drawn to the items they collect for many reasons – use, artistic value, historical or cultural significance or nostalgia. They collect glassware, pottery, toys, tools, silver, prints or figurines. But sometimes collectors are attracted to the unusual, and they buy items that are whimsical, unique or odd. Kovels lists 8 of the most “out of the ordinary” items that sold.

6. Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

Looking for old bottles? Try a beach. A woman in Australia spotted an old bottle and saved it to display in her house. It was the oldest known message in a bottle, considering the time that passed between when it was written and when it was found.

7. Tips for Buying and Selling Vinyl Records

Chances are, many people have a box of old vinyl “golden oldie” records and albums in the back of a closet, or, are interested in collecting them. Kovels list 7 tips to get started.

8. $250,000 Violin Bought for $50

When a woman wanted a $50 loan in exchange for a violin, the Boston pawnshop made the deal, and reported the sale to the police as required by law. The pawn shop manager noticed an old label inside the violin and searched online to learn more. The violin was made by a member of a famous Italian family of violin makers in the 18th century. And yes, it was stolen.

9. Kovels Most Popular Articles of 2017

Readers always love lists about what to collect, what NOT to collect and the thrill of finding unexpected treasures.

10. Two Recent Rare Finds

At a charity antiques sale of donated items, a straggler noticed a black and white dinner plate that looked like it could be Chinese. It turned out to be a rare piece of Chinese Export china. And a Goodwill employee examining a pile of stored newspapers noticed a framed yellowed newspaper dated Dec. 28, 1774, that had an engraving of a snake cut in pieces, an early American political cartoon. It was identified as an original, not a copy, one of only four known copies of a Pennsylvania paper with the pre-revolutionary “Unite or Die” masthead.
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