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$2 Billion in Sight: US Lottery Breaks Record


Oct 21, 2018

SOURCE: theLotter or prnewswire.com

LONDON, October 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

theLotter.com: “Estimated $1.6 billion US Mega Millions jackpot likely to be adjusted upwards due to unprecedented international sales.”

Industry insiders widely expect this week’s record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot in the US Mega Millions to break through the spellbinding $2 billion threshold before the draw takes place. One of the main factors driving the landmark prize up even further is the colossal number of overseas players participating in the US lottery. theLotter.com has long been one of the main lottery ticket messengers for players from outside of the US.

TheLotter’s spokesman Austin Weaver said: “As the original pioneer we’ve seen the online landscape change rapidly in recent years, with more and more companies seemingly offering US lotteries online, but ‘the proof is in the pudding’: We’re unique as we actually provide paper tickets instead of mere bets, and with winners from Europe, Australia, Canada, Iraq and Latin America, we have proven to be reliable.”

Weaver continues: “We’ve been growing steadily for 15 years, but sales really accelerated in 2016 when Powerball reached $1.58 billion and media outlets from CNN to CBS reported on theLotter’s services. What we’re experiencing right now though, is unheard of. The current Mega Millions jackpot is spurring on more sales from places in Europe than in 2016.”

“With so much money at stake, overseas players tend to turn to theLotter, as we physically purchase tickets as opposed to offering a chance to bet on the draw like our competitors. There’s simply no guarantee at these sort of jackpot levels that a bet is even fully covered by insurance, so how these betting companies will come up with billions in prize money if one of their punters wins remains to be seen. Our paper ticket model may seem old school in the digital age, but there is no risk to players. When one of our customers wins they are flown out to the US to personally claim their prize, ticket in hand. It’s legal, we’ve done it for more than a decade and it’s secure.”

“The current $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot is the biggest prize in lottery history. Now it is just a matter of time before we celebrate the first lottery billionaire. The question is: will it be an American?”

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