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International Cultural Festival 2017 of Asian Pacific Catholic Network


Oct 3, 2017

SOURCE: Asian Pacific Catholic Network

What: APCN’s International Cultural Festival 2017

Where: Bishop O’Connell High School, 6600 Little Falls Road, Arlington, VA 22213

APCN’s International Cultural Festival 2017


Master of Ceremonies: Priya Dayananda

Welcome and Introduction of Emcee Dr. Fred Semendy

•Vietnamese Lion Dance: Hung Vuong Boy Scout Troop
•Russian Kalinga Dance: Kalinga Dance Ensemble of Baltimore
•Indonesian Dance: Spotlight Studio
•Vietnamese Pink Dance 1: “Dòng An Giang”Rainbow Lotus group
•Odissi Indian Dance: Nritya Sdhana Dance School
•Filipino Tinikling: GMU Filipino Cultural Association
•Samoan Dance: American Samoa Society
•Russian Siberian Shawls: Kalinga Dance Ensemble of Baltimore
•Cambodian Classical Dance: Cambodian Catholic Community
•Indian Bollywood: SAPAN Institute

Intermission 7- 8 PM

•Filipino Pangalay Dance: Dennis Michael Hona-Hansinger
•Vietnamese Blue Dance: ” Quê Hương Ba Miền”Rainbow and Pink Lotus Group
•Odissi Konark Indian Dance: Konark Dance School
•Korean Samul Nori: St. Paul Chung Korean Catholic Church
•Jayantee Odissi Dance: Konark Dance School
•New Zealand: Maori Community Group
•Tahiti Dance: Afasene Dance Group
•Chinese: Fairfax Chinese Dance Troupe
•Indian Bhangra: SAPAN Institute
•Tongan: Tongan Community
•Samoan: Samoan Community of WDC

Vote of Thanks: Isapela Coggins

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